We require all patients to upload a current copy of their doctor’s prescription and a valid copy of your driver’s license, passport or any other Government Issues Photo Identification
The answer is NO! As long as you have been prescribed medical marijuana as a medicine, you are 100% legal to possess and carry medicinal marijuana products.
The answer is NO! If you have prescribed a prescription by your doctor it is your Chartered Right to obtain and order medical marijuana substances online via mail order services.

In fact, mail order service will soon be the only way to order your medicines legally.

It’s simple really.

1. We are one of the few LEGAL medical marijuana dispensaries selling medicinal marijuana products online within Canada that is willing to show our faces and provide our physical addresses online for all to see.

2. We are a registered Canadian corporation.

3. We only sell to those with a current doctors prescription or Heath Canada issued card.

4. We truly care about all of our patients health and welfare. We are also patients… so we really do understand your need for medicine.

5. We grow and test all of our medicinal cannabis oils, medical marijuana derivatives, waxes, shatter’s, edibles and tinctures.

6. We have never lost a package!

7. Price matching is available! Only if the strain is the same, and it is available through a reputable online dispensary within Canada.

In most cases, only a few days. It really depends on where you live within Canada, and how far that is from our dispensary.
Absolutely not! In fact, all of our cannabis growers are from Vancouver and other parts of B.C or have worked there as a grower.

All of our medicinal cannabis/marijuana buds, oils and other products are produced in legal, professional grow operations located indoors.

We can produce just about any strain that is on the open market worldwide.

You may download the latest forms directly from our site.

Alternatively, you may download them directly from the Health Canada Website.

If you are looking for the latest forms and information on medical marijuana licenses, please visit the Health Canada website located here http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/dhp-mps/marihuana/how-comment/forms-eng.php